Imarflex Multi-purpose Steamer & Sterilizer

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The Imarflex Multipurpose Food Steamer IST 2000 truly lives up to its name. It comes as an instant steamer which can steam and cook all the meat, seafood, and veggies you want. It also doubles as a sterilizer for baby bottles and eating utensils as well. Each tub has a 10-liter capacity so you can cook, steam or sterilize as much as you want! Start living healthy by eating healthy. Cook food the right way with the Imarflex Food Steamer.

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Imarflex Multi-purpose Steamer and Sterilizer
Imarflex Multi-purpose Steamer & Sterilizer
✓20-liter Capacity
✓60-minute timer
✓Easy Access Water Inlet & Water Level Indicator
✓2 Rice Bowls & Water Refill Cup
✓Twin Heaters for Rapid Steam
✓1650 Watts


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