FASTDRY EcoFast05 High Speed Hand Dryer

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EcoFast high speed hand dryer is a small and compact eco dryer which makes it ideal for all washrooms! EcoFast is only half the size of equivalent high speed hand dryers. It consumes very little power (1,000 watts), while maintaining the capability to emit warm and comfortably heated air. The patented air-flow mechanism optimizes air flow to dry hands fast while saving 80{458b6daf9083bbe8e947235bb12cce47428a8fdc767aa7481f2c6d3f40f3fd5c} in energy costs. Finally, we use fewer materials to make EcoFast to save our precious natural resources. And like our other hand dryers, all materials used to manufacture EcoFast can be recycled and reused. Hands dried with EcoFast are eco-friendly hands!

Drying Time: Less than 10-15 seconds
Operating Voltage: 110V-120Vac, 50/60 Hz, 0.84-1.0kW
Operating Voltage: 220V-240Vac, 50/60 Hz, 0.84-1.0kW
Standby Power: 1.6W/0.45W (optional)
Timing Protection: 60 seconds auto shut off
Sound Level: MIN 71 dB to 73 dB MAX @ 1m
Sensing range: 170 mm ± 20 mm, adjustable
Drip Proof: IP21/IP23 (optional)